Tuesday, February 25, 2014

You Cant Buy This TV

            A blonde once walked into a store and pointed to a box on the top of a shelf. She asked the cashier, “Can I buy that TV?” “I’m sorry, we don’t sell anything to blondes,” The cashier replied. A week later she walked into the store again but this time, her hair  was dyed black. She asked the cashier, “Can I buy that TV from up there?” Again he answered, “We don’t sell anything to blondes.” The lady started to get mad and she said, “I don’t understand this! I dyed my hair black so I would be able to buy this TV from you and you’re still telling  me that you don’t sell anything to blondes, but my hair is not blond anymore!!” The cashier answered, “Can’t you see it’s a microwave?” Z.B. 

What happened in last weeks episode? I only saw half of it. [The Walking Dead, The Governor, LOL]

Friday, February 14, 2014

Interview: With Josh Iloff

This week, I had an interview with a friend of mine. Josh Iloff told me that he watches a lot of TV. I decided to give him a interview as he is every knowledgeable with TV. The first thing I asked Josh is when he first start watching television. He said when he was 2 is when he first started watching TV. Following that, I asked him what shows does he regularly watch. He responded with sports, MTV, Family Guy, Ridiculousness, and Tosh.0. The last thing I asked him is if he had to pick one show to watch, what would it be? Josh responded with sports, saying that is what he watches the most. It was good to hear what Josh likes and his opinions. C.D.  

Friday, February 7, 2014

Guest blog, from our friend Quentin Ramierez

In this post i'm going to talk about zombies, how to kill zombies, and how to use zombies for your own personal gain.  First is how to kill a zombie the correct way and brag about not being dead.  Zombies infectious disease is in the head so how to kill a zombie completely is to cut off there head or destroy their brains this will make the living dead actually dead.  also when killing zombies the weapon is a important factor because loud weapons such as guns will attract more zombies were as a axe or bat would be a lot more silent and attract less attention.  Another thing is not all zombies are slow like in the movies some will run after you and try to bite your face off. So it is important to stay physically fit and have good cardio when your in situations were you have to run to safety.Then there is using zombies for your own personal gain.one way you can use zombies for your benefit is to pull out all there teeth and cut there arms off so you can use them like a pack mule.  By doing this you can't get attacked by them and its a way for them to carry all the weight and you not have to get tired if you need to run from a wave of zombies.  Lastly is if you can survive the zombie Apocalypse for long enough all zombies will soon die because when all the people have been ate there will be no food for them and all will perish.  All in all if you you don't panic, keep your head straight, and use common seance you will do fine in a zombie Apocalypse and you just might survive in the new world.