Thursday, December 19, 2013

Zombies Are Red

Zombies are red, the sky is blue. Aim for the zombies head, or it will eat you. Use a bat, something that will hold up. If your weapon breaks, your going to be fed up. C.D.

My Passion for TV

Ever since I was a lad, I have had a love for television. I would spend hours and hours sitting in front of a TV everyday. Spongebob was my obsession, I would watch every episode over and over again. Over the years I started watching more mature shows and moving away from Spongebob. It's Always Sunny in Philedelphia, Justified and Key & Peele are now my favorite shows. I have always had an interest in zombies in video games and movies. I hope to make The Walking Dead my new favorite show. Today I am starting to watch the first season. I plan on watching the first few episodes tonight. I hope it is an interesting show and will keep me wanting to see more. C.D.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Walking Dead Comics So Far (SPOILER ALERT)

I've finished the first two comics of the walking dead. They are crazy to say the least. Ricks son Carl killed his buddy Shane because Shane was in love with Ricks wife and Shane threatened to kill Rick. The second book started with Shane and Lori (Ricks wife) having sex and it showed why Shane had feelings for her. In the beginning they meet a man named Tyreese who tags along with them on they're adventure. They go for a while looking for a place to stay and one day when they're hunting Ricks son gets mistaken for a zombie and gets shot. He doesn't get killed luckily. They go to a farm where he is getting checked on and helped out and they stay there for a while until they are kicked out of the farm. They are traveling for a while when they come upon a prison. They try to make it their home. More the come :-) Z.B.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Prezi Review

After making our Prezi on "How to kill a zombie," we realized how easy and great Prezi is. It provides a easy and efficient way to make an online PowerPoint presentation. Within seconds of starting a new presentation, we were able to locate the layout we wanted and best suited our topic. Once we chose our layout, Prezi already had text boxes ready for us. Leaving you with the job of simply filling in the text boxes. The website also let us embed a YouTube video onto the presentation with ease. Overall, the time spent using Prezi was great. I would recommend Prezi to anyone looking to create a smooth, simple, and professional looking slideshow. C.D.

How to kill a zombie

Do you want to know about how to kill a zombie?

Friday, December 6, 2013

Let Me Tell You Something

The Walking Dead comics are indeed a very thrilling series filled with betrayal, love, hate, and death. It starts with the main character, Rick, who gets shot and falls in a very heavy coma for 7 months. When he wakes up in the hospital life as he knows it is gone but he doesn't realize what is happening. As he is walking home very confused he stumbles upon his first in encounter with with one of the walking dead. He is astonished. He heads to Atalanta to find his family. He is rescued from a herd of zombies by a guy named Glenn. He takes him back to his camp where he is reunited with his wife and son and his buddy Shane who was there when he got shot. The rest of the series is the problems they face for the next remaining years. Id advise you read it :) Z.B.

The Zombie Combat Manual

To help better understand about zombies, I picked up a book about zombie combat. This book is The Zombie Combat Manual by Roger Ma. So far after briefly reading the book and what it contains, zombies are a lot more complicated than I thought. The manual gives information about weapons that would be ideal to use against a zombie. It also tells you the best way to use them and how they're effectiveness, life span and cost all lay out. Also providing misconceptions you may of had about zombies, such as they can only walk, their food sources, etc. The final chapter gives you strategies and techniques that will help you survive your zombie apocalypse. I will post more about the book after reading it in complete detail. Thanks for reading. C.D.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Attempting To Gain More Knowledge On Zombies

The Zombie Combat Manual, created by Roger Ma. Explaining zombie statistics with disinformation and misconceptions. This book is for anyone who wants to survive,"the zombie attack." Designed to help readers prepare to protect themselves against zombies. C.D.

The Comics That Inspired the Show!

 The Walking Dead comics by Robert Kirkman with Tom Moore, Charlie Adlard, and Cliff Rathburn are all great comics that inspired the TV show. These books are about a group of survivors of a zombie apocalypse with many obstacles in their way that they have to overcome. It is made just for peoples entertainment and to get them on the edge of their seats with its thrilling, suspenseful, and well though out conflicts. Z.B.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Continuing on Zack's post, we hope our reviews are helpful. Our goal is to review the show as we progress through it. We will show our readers what we think about The Walking Dead and how we liked it. Hopefully people find our blog helpful and get them interested in watching the show with us. Please feel free to comment on our posts. We want to hear what you would like to see or have changed in our posting. All feedback is appreciated. C.D.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Why TV reviews?

Our topic of this blog will be consisting of TV reviews of show The Walking Dead. We chose this topic because we enjoy giving feedback on popular TV shows and we want to state our opinion on what we think about the shows. The Walking Dead is about a group of people trying survive a zombie apocalypse.We want to make sure we keep people posted on this TV show so people know what is happening in the show to hopefully get them interested in watching this TV series. Z.B.