Friday, January 31, 2014

How Does TV Relate To School?

If you don't think TV relates to school your wrong. I'm sorry to say this but its true. They actually have a lot in common. If you watch the right TV shows they can be very educational and supportive to what you're learning in school at the time but a lot of the TV shows that are being shown lately do not have anything to do with school which is why I hate a lot of shows on TV expect shows that are interesting such as the walking dead. I think the Walking Dead relates to  biology and anatomy so we have a knowledge of how to prevent a zombie outbreak even though it'd be cool to have an apocalypse id rather not have to deal with it at the moment. Maybe 10 years down the road when my life is boring and i need excitement in my life. Another class you can relate zombies to would be something like P.E. because in a zombie apocalypse because it is important to stay fit. There are many other things but i'm just gonna relate it to those two for now. Z.B.

TV and School?

Most people probably think TV has nothing to do with school. They may both seem totally different but I think they have some things in common. Almost everyone watches TV, or has before. Our generation has made TV a large part of our life. At school, we use a TV for visual lessons. Movies about the classes subject always help us learn visually. TV also helps children learn different words and how to say them. This gives them an advantage with learning to speak earlier in life.  I think TV can be beneficial to schooling. C.D.  


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

First Episode VS First comic book

Although though the TV series, The Walking Dead, is based off the comic books there are many differences. In the comic book it shows right away how rick gets put in his coma while in the TV series it starts with rick running out of gas and in his search he encounters a little zombie girl in which he has to shoot and kill. Then it goes into him and deputy eating and talking about their lives and how rick and his marriage isn't doing that well. It shows how rick goes into his comic in a flash back. The way he gets put into his coma is exactly the same. He gets shot after a high speed chase comes to a stop.

 Next scene it shows rick waking up out of his coma. Very similar to the comic, it shows rick walking down the hospital hallways very confused and in a daze. In the show he is walking down the hallways when he see a door that reads: "DON'T OPEN/DEAD INSIDE". In the comic he accidentally stumbles upon that door and sees his real first encounter of zombies. There was a whole herd in there and one zombie jumps at him and they fall down the stairs and luckily the zombie snaps its neck on the way down. he gets away safely and then proceeds to find his way out.

 It then shows him walking down the street but in the TV show it shows him finding a military helicopter and a military convoy but they are empty and the comic does not show that. He then finds a bike so he picks it up and rides it to his house and finds nobody home. He gets hit on the head with a shovel mistaken for a zombie. he wakes up from his daze to his neighbors Morgan Jones and his son Duane. they apologize and they explain to him about the whole situation that happened while he was in his coma. rick explains how he wants to head to Atalanta to try to find his family. After they have dinner they go to the police department. They stock up on guns and rick gives Morgan a car to keep for himself while him and his son stay in their hometown. Rick proceeds to head to Atlanta after thanking them.

He is on his journey and when runs out of gas and he is walking for a while until he sees a horse on the side of the road. He saddles up and keeps on with his travel. He gets to Atlanta when he walks the horse into a herd of zombies and the horse quickly gets eaten. In the comic it shows him being saved by a young boy but in the TV show it shows him fighting them off and he crawls his way into a tank. He gets stuck in there when he hears a voice on the tanks radio asking if hes alright. That's how the episode ends Z.B.

1st Episode vs. The Zombie Combat Manual

The Zombie Combat Manual by Roger MA lays down the basic principles and rules of zombies. While some things may be slightly different, the show The Walking Dead follows most of these guidelines in the book. Things like how zombies can be killed, what kind of zombie you are dealing with, and weapon efficiency and choice are the same in the book as the show.

As most people know, a zombies head is its weakness. The only way to actually kill a zombie for good is to destroy its brain. This can be done in many different ways. In the show, we watch Rick use his gun to penetrate the zombies head. The zombie immediately dropped after the bullet hit its brain. This stopped the zombie for good and killed what was left of it.

No zombie is the same, there a man different types. Depending on the condition of the undead creature, their movement speed is changed greatly. What we see Rick encounter in the show is called a "walker". This is a slow moving zombie, obviously. A normal walker with no damage averages a pace of about 23 minutes per mile.

Weapon choice is something you should do carefully when killing zombies. In The Walking Dead, deputy Grimes uses his firearm. Since he is a law enforcement officer, we understand why he had a firearm with him already. In episode one, we see him stock up on ammunition. While a firearm may be the easiest to use when killing zombies, it has its consequences. Ammunition is a huge factor when using firearms. You must have a supply of ammo and you have to transport it. This can cause complications because of weight and availability.

As you can see, The Walking Dead follows most all of the guidelines in the book The Zombie Combat Manual.           C.D.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Continuing On The Comics

The comics are getting very interesting. They have settle down in the prison and they are finding everything to be nice. The one problem is they are having a hard time finding food. It is hard for Lori because she is pregnant and it getting harder and harder. They are hoping the baby will be healthy when it is born. Rick and and her are also having a rough spot in their marriage and always fighting with making the rest of the group mad at them. IT is getting better and better every page i read. i will keep you updated. Z.B.

The Start of Season One: Episode 1

Deputy Sheriff Rick Grimes starts out the episode running out of gas in what seems to be an abandoned highway. Decaying cars and tents litter the road. He is forced to go find gas. As he searches, we see what appears to be a little girl. As she comes closer, we see that she is no longer human, but a zombie. She starts toward him and Rick has no choice but to draw and shoot his gun, he hits her head. After, a high speed chase takes place. A vehicle is ran off the road and the officers try to help the passengers. Three men start firing at the officers and are killed after shooting Rick. Rick wakes up in the hospital and is awakened in the zombie apocalypse. Bodies litter the streets, Rick decides to walk home. He passes out once he arrives and is awaken by a boy and his son. They explain what the zombies are and how they can infect you. Rick thinks his family is still alive and sets out to find them. He thinks they are in Atlanta and stocks up on weapons and ammo and drives off in his squad car. After running out of gas, Rick heads towards a farm house where he discovers a horse. Rick rides the horse into Atlanta where he then searches for his family and is attacked by horde of zombies. C.D.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Our Apologizes

Over our two week break, we did not get to start the TV series. Zach's Netflix for some reason would not work. We were out of luck because I do not have a Netflix subscription. However, his Netflix is now working again and we are starting to watch the show today. We will post a summary and review of the first couple of episodes ASAP. C.D.