Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Start of Season One: Episode 1

Deputy Sheriff Rick Grimes starts out the episode running out of gas in what seems to be an abandoned highway. Decaying cars and tents litter the road. He is forced to go find gas. As he searches, we see what appears to be a little girl. As she comes closer, we see that she is no longer human, but a zombie. She starts toward him and Rick has no choice but to draw and shoot his gun, he hits her head. After, a high speed chase takes place. A vehicle is ran off the road and the officers try to help the passengers. Three men start firing at the officers and are killed after shooting Rick. Rick wakes up in the hospital and is awakened in the zombie apocalypse. Bodies litter the streets, Rick decides to walk home. He passes out once he arrives and is awaken by a boy and his son. They explain what the zombies are and how they can infect you. Rick thinks his family is still alive and sets out to find them. He thinks they are in Atlanta and stocks up on weapons and ammo and drives off in his squad car. After running out of gas, Rick heads towards a farm house where he discovers a horse. Rick rides the horse into Atlanta where he then searches for his family and is attacked by horde of zombies. C.D.

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  1. i have Ben tempted to watch walking dead is it as good as everyone says