Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Digital Video for Dummies.. My Review

Published in 2001,"Digital Video for Dummies," was created by Martin Doucette. He explains the basic steps required to understand and work with digital video. The author gives numbered steps to guide you through digital video. Written for anyone wanting to know more about digital video.

I like how this book has a large table of contents. All the sections of the book are put into parts and chapters. This allows ease with finding what you want to read. Without it, this book would be very hard to navigate through. Digital video can be complex and challenging to understand, and this book helps make us comprehend the art of digital video.

The "For Dummies.." books have never been a favorite of mine. I often find them outdated and useless. The internet is much easier to use and quicker to find what you want to learn. With this book, it is an exception. It is very easy to understand and can navigated through quickly.

Overall, I would recommend this book to a friend. It acts as a guide to help teach its readers. Anyone that wants to learn or know more about digital video should check this out. C.D.

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