Friday, March 28, 2014

Marvel Universe Review

Peter Sanderson's, Marvel Universe (1996), covers everything you need to or want to know about Marvel Comics as well as every superhero/super villain Marvel has introduced over the years and since it started in 1961 by creator Stan Lee. Sanderson backs his claim by showing multiple images from some of the very first comics and he broke up into sections into the most common super heroes to some of the less heard of super heroes. Sanderson's main purpose of this book is to show how far Marvel has gone since since Stan Lee first started making comics. Given the format of the book i can tell it is intended for a more older audience.

 One thing i really enjoyed about this book is how well put together they made it. When they would explain a hero, they explain everything about them like who they're enemies are and how they become a super human. It goes over everything you want to know and everything you need to know which is another reason i find it informational for my blog and what i'm gonna do next on it.

 On the other hand they are things they could have done better with it such as putting it in order to when the first appearance of the first super heroes to the newest super heroes. They kind of scatter it around in that category. other than that i don't see much wrong with it. I find it to be a very interesting book i cant find much wrong with it. Its great.

 So as you can i see i highly recommend this book to anybody who has a liking in super heroes and wanting to learn more or just to refresh your memory with these comics and super heroes and super villains. I'm Zack Bluhm and i approve this message. Z.B.


  1. This book sounds super cool Zack and i know it must be good because its approved by you.

  2. Zach, this sounds like a book I could get into! This was a pretty good review. I like how you approve this message.