Friday, May 30, 2014

Dear Blog Reader,

About 8 months ago we made this blog and I have to say since then I and my partner Cameron Dewell have defiantly had a great experience with it and great progression. Our blog topic was television reviews on the show walking dead.
About half way through we decided writing about one show wasn’t any fun so we switched our topic about a larger variety similar to television. Not just one specific TV show. We later did books reviews and poems of TV and we realized how much better this topic was instead of just a bunch of posts about the same thing.

Through the course of this year id have to say this blog has defiantly taught me a lot. Before even making any posts of knowing the topic of my blog we had to learn how to make a website which was extremely helpful for later in life and looks good on resumes. This blog has also brought my writing skills up tenfold with all the different genres of writing we had to do. I also feel like through this blog I have learned team work and partnership. Me and my colleague Cameron would butt heads and disagree on a lot but in the end we both found an agreement on what we wanted to write about.

I’d have to say, I couldn’t imagine making a blog in my life. I just felt blogs were all about gossip but now that we’ve had this assignment for so long I now realize it’s so much more than that. Just through this blog I’ve learned whatever a book assignment could teach me and so much more. I feel like this whole class making blogs we all have the same knowledge because we all had to go on each other’s blogs and read some posts and it’s cool to learn what other people know and its cool having other people learn from me. That’s the way I look at it.

Since we started these blogs we had some assignments that were just too hard to comprehend but after doing it multiple times it’s just too easy now. I had to do a couple book reviews and you can see the improvement. Here is my first book review Walking Dead comic’s book review compared to my most recent book review Marvel Universe book review. I don’t know if you can see the difference but I feel like there is a huge improvement from my first book review to my last book review. I also improved on writing poetry. At first I couldn’t think of any ideas but once I got it down I was a natural. This is my first poem TV is my life and this is my last poem Sitting on my couch. My poems got longer and I actually took more time on them and thought about it.

I’d never thought I was say this because I the beginning I wasn’t really with it but this blog assignment was probably one of the coolest assignments I had all throughout high school. With all the information I gave you I think you can tell I liked it and I improved so much on my writing in such a fun and cool way. It makes you feel good about yourself when you learn something new and I got to learn it all through the most effective way I feel like.

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