Thursday, May 29, 2014

Blog Presentation

Dear blog reader,

Since October, I have been creating this blog. My partner Zach Bluhm and I have been making blog posts consistently over the school year. These posts all have to do with our blog topic, television. Our topic of choice for this blog was television.
In the beginning, our blog was solely about television review. Since then, it has prospered into more than that. We have blog posts about television reviews, poems, television services reviews, and many other things. Originally, we started reviewing the first season of The Walking Dead. In my first review, I go over Episode 1 of Season 1. We since then have posted our reviews for the show on our blog page.

Throughout the year, this blog has made me learn many things. Personally, I never had any interest in blogs or blogging. I thought I would never create a blog in my life. This changed my mind. Creating a blog opened a whole new part of the internet that I have never seen.  Having my own webpage that the world is able to see was defiantly something I enjoyed. I am able to see how many people view the page every day. It shows me where these people are from and what country’s you have the most views in. This was an eye opener to me, as I am someone who uses the internet daily.

This blog has helped me become a better writer over the year. Almost every week, we added some kind of blog post. These posts included reviews, creative writing, responses, and many other posts. Updating our content weekly helped broaden our knowledge, and keep readers entertained. Constantly creating new material and new posts kept me busy throughout the year. Things such as SSR’s (Self-Selective Responses) which I have never heard of before showed me new ways to write. I believe that my recent book reviews compared to previous ones, show much improvement. C.D.

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